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Why Organic

Why Organic

When does Nutrition Begin? From the time a child is fed with its mother's milk. Mother's milk is considered to be the safest food in this world. But a recent research study of Indian mother milk by Dr.Rashmi singh, IIT Kanpur has revealed that there are residues of pesticides in mother's milk. This is really shocking......!

The chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides which have been promoted as necessary for better agriculture output has become hazardous to human life. But the reality is that we do not need pesticides for better yield, and the use of pesticides is not only deadly for health but results in expensive farming methods.

Nutritious food contributes to our physical health and mental growth, our well being, our ability to fight diseases. But if we consume large amounts of pesticides along with our food, then along with nutrition we are also consuming poison, and that defeats the very purpose of eating the food. Many neurotoxins are organophosphatesl are currently approved and being used to make pesticides.

Continuous consumption of vegetables, green leaves and food with these neurotoxins can lead to Fatigue, Asthma, Skin irritations, Nausea, vomiting, Brain disorders, Blood disorders, Live damage, Reproductive damage and Cancer.

Organic Farming in India has gained a lot of prominence in the last few years, with consumers increasingly becoming aware of the harmful effects of pesticides. In addition to this there are many incidents reported where farmers have been found to be merrily injecting stimulants for the purpose of ripening fruits and vegetables, giving them a glowing colour and texture artificially, so as to fetch a higher price in the market. What is further disheartening to hear is that the leafy vegetables available in many cities are grown around the city using drainage water containing large traces of heavy metals, many of them being carcinogenic.