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POFA (Pasumai Organic Farmers Association) is an organization for small farmers who strive for their livelihood. POFA includes organic farmers and their families who cultivate organic farm outputs like Green leaves, Vegetables, Fruits, Rice and other essential needs for day to day life. POFA trains farmers in organic farming methods and also helps them in marketing there farm products. These farmers are below the poverty lines who strive for their day to day earnings.

Activities of POFA?

  • To find small and tiny farmers who are in the verge of loss and depression due to their existing CHEMICAL farming conditions.
  • To identify the small farmers who has come out of agriculture due to loss and poverty.
  • To find organic farmers who wants to market their farm products.
  • POFA motivates the farmers by teaching them organic and sustainable farming methods.
  • POFA provides them with seeds and saplings at free of cost to reduce their capital expenditure.
  • POFA helps them with free transportation and logistics of their produced goods so that farmers get maximum profits.
  • POFA motivates and supports them in buying country breed cow, for organic manure preparations.
  • POFA provides intensive training in organic farm input techniques like Panchagavya, Jeevamirtha, Herbal insecticides and earth worm manure.
  • POFA helps the association farmer's children for their education and prosperity. Free clothes, Uniforms, notebooks and other essential needs are supplied by POFA.
  • POFA holds the hands of small and marginal farmers by supporting them in all the ways that is possible. Each Penny you spend, to buy a product from POFA gives light and prosperity to a small organic farmer's family.

How Organic cultivation is practiced?

Green leaves and vegetables are cultivated by following traditional and organic methods. Usage of harmful synthetic and chemical fertilizers are completely avoided but instead of which jeevamirtha, cod dung manure, Goat manure and Earth worm manure are used. Usage of dangerous pesticides are completely avoided instead of which panchagaviya, Herbal mixtures, Herbal leaves solutions are intensively used. The harvested greens are washed with pure and hygienic herbal water which adds more nutrient values to the greens. (Chlorine and bleaching powder mixed water are completely avoided). The harvested greens are preserved and transported through clean and hygienic methods like pot clay or jute bags. Intensive care is taken to deliver the products fresh and clean without losing its nutrient values.

What are Cholaivana and Tapovana?

  • Cholaivana is a marketing brands of POFA for Green leaves, spinach, vegetables and fruits.
  • Tapovana is a marketing brand of POFA for Rice, Oil, Ghee, Dhalls and other Groceries.